Saturday, October 4, 2008

I´m in an internet Cafe in Sua, Ecuador right now. Yesterday we took about a five hour bus ride from Bua to Sua which is a pretty small town on the coast of Ecuador. We are just chilling on the beach for the moment, getting a little break from a hard weeks work in Bua. The six ecological toilets are almost finished at the school and we are starting to move onto other projects around the community. Yesterday I helped start to build another ecological toilets near the house of a large Tsa´chila family. We are also going to be digging a well or two before we leave.
The other day I went to another Tsa´chila community called Poste to see how to dig a well using their method so that we could do one in Bua. The guys there were really chill and they gave us this stuff called Mali which is a fruit (or something) that you put on your skin. It goes on clear, but the next day it turns up a bluish black and stays that way for about a week or so. A lot of the Tsa´chila put it in rings all around their body and face but I just opted to put some on my wrists.
I found a daily pickup soccer game as well which has been really fun, 35 year old ecuadorian dudes are damn good. I played in goal for both games, we won the first time and lost the second time, it´s wicked fun, i hope they let me keep coming back.
I´m going to try to figure out how to post some photos on here at some point, but if i dont work it out, ask my parents for pics or go on facebook and check out the albums if u can.

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Anne said...

Ola Dave -
I'm sitting next to Granny and we just read all your posts. You sound great and busy doing some cool stuff. We are glad you are enjoying the time so far and hope the wells aren't too close to the toilets. Dana and I would like to know more about those toilets; do they just work in tropical climates?
take care and keep writing when you can!
love, Anne and Granny