Saturday, September 27, 2008

In Santo Domingo

I´m in an internet cafe in Santo Domingo right now. It´s about a 30 minute ride in a pickup truck to Santo Domingo and we generally go as a group every weekend to check on internet and eat food that doesnt include plantains. I have officially tried every different way to cook plantains and there is not one that is any good, but Zach and I dutifully clean our plates every morning and every night. The work has been hard, we are right on the equator and it gets wicked hot here. We took yesterday off to go visit this rainforest preserve which was pretty cool, got to see some sweet flaura and fauna up close. Santo Domingo is a pretty busy city, it´s got about 350,000 people but the community we are living in, Bua, is very quiet and laid back which is great. Tomorrow in Ecuador they are voting on a new, more socialist, constitution supported by the president (Correa) so there are all sorts of rallies and stuff going on to support the different sides (Sí and No). On Monday we all went to a rally for the Sí side where the president of Ecuador was speaking. At the rally he recognized us as foreigners in the crowd and spoke directly to our group briefly in english and talked about how we about to witness a revolution of ideals in the country, it was sweet. After the rally was over I asked one of the people if they were using the huge banners again, and he said they werent so now I have a huge green banner with the outline of Correa´s face and in big block lettering ¨Seguridad para Todos¨which means Security for All. I´m going to try to send it home and hang it up in my room, hopefully it doesnt get lost in the mail. Hopefully I´ll check in next week, but we might be going on a group trip to the coast so who knows.

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Amoo said...

Hi David:
Just want to let you know how much we are enjoying reading your blog. We are sooo proud of you. Continue to make the most of a tremendous opportunity. We are cheering for you from the sidelines
Can't wait for the next report.
Amoo and Apoo too (who said he would tell you about the