Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bua, Homestay

I´m in an internet cafe in Santo Domingo right now, we took a pickup truck ride into the city from Bua. My homestay is pretty crazy, they dont speak a word of english, btu my spanish is getting better. Our (Zach Toetman and my) homestay parents are a little older and dont have any kids our age but their older kids live really near and they have a couple of grandchildren that we hang out with. My homestay dad is called Don Herman and he is kind of the man, but it´s really hard to understand what he is saying. We bathe in a little river every day after work, which is about a 45 minute walk away. At the school we are building ecological toilets for the 250 kids in the school. The food is plantain and rice heavy, but good most of the time. Zach and I spend most of our free time hanging out with Don Herman´s 8 year old son Kevin, who is the man. I gave him the soccer ball, and we play all the time. The Tsa´chila culture is really interesting, ive only been here 4 days and it´s already been really eye opening. Hopefully ill get back to a computer soon, but if not, dont worry. Later, Dave

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sarah snyder said...

Hey Dave,
So good to hear information about the homestay and the work you are doing - thanks for keeping up the blog; know it is read! How did your family like the maple syrup? the necklace? It sounds like the soccer ball is a huge hit - no surprise there.
We just returned from VT where the deck has emerged, and Isaac is taking over your world; he's in charge of the clicker...
I miss you.
Much love, Mom