Saturday, September 13, 2008

Costa Rica Part II

Hey everyone, im in costa rica still, sorry I havent been able to update but this wek or so has been awesome and I havent really gotten a chance to get to the internet. A couple of us just walked about a mile and a half to get to the main town and go to an internet cafe. This week has been nuts, a lot of group bonding, a trip to a waterfall in the middle of the jungle, lots of surfing, swimming, hanging out, team bonding. We are heading back to San Jose today and we're leaving for Ecuador tomorrow. I dont know how much internet access we're going to have in Ecuador, as it will be our first homestay, so this could be the last post for a while. All the kids are great and I'm loving life right now. Hopefully I'll update again soon though, until then, Pura Vida.


Ben said...

David - this is so cool...we know you've made it to Ecuador by now and will soon be headed to be with your family. Costa Rica sounds incredible - lots of animals and nature and bonding and great kids. Life sounds good...keep us posted. Love you and miss you, pal. Dad

sarah snyder said...

Impressive that you have blog posts! Glad to hear you are loving life - I hope your home stay family is warm and welcoming. Hasta luego.
Love you,