Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I´m in Quito right now, about to leave for the rural town of Bua about 3 hours away. The flight from Costa Rica was easy and the last two days in Quito have been fun. Im definitely ready to get down to some real work and starting tomorrow we will be building sustainable toilets for the school in Bua. I´m loving life right now, havent gotten sick yet (knock on wood). I´m pyched to stay with my host family, we are meeting them later today. I´ll probably be out of touch for a little while, they dont really have internet in the town I´m going to, but Santo Domingo is pretty close, about a 30 minute bus ride so I´ll go there when I can to update. My Spanish is getting pretty good and of the guys im probably the most confident speaker, hopefully it will be great by the end of my homestay.
Over and out,


sarah snyder said...

Hey you,
Great to hear you are excited about doing some real hands on work; building toilets is about as real world/real work as you can get! I look forward to hearing your fluent Spanish on our first Skype call.
Everything sounds beyond expectation.
Love the blog!
I miss you.

Ben said...

Hey, pal.
It is all sounding just so great - and it sounds as though Senor Ulrich would be proud of your Espanol. Good luck w/the work and I'm sure you will enjoy your family and getting to know the folks there. The blog is great and your grandparents have already been on - so it is a big hit in the extended family.
good luck, have fun, be safe.
Love you, bud.

Amoo said...

Hi David, this is a test. I am setting up an account so we can talk. Love, Amoo